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Hey everyone! Lauren and Alexandria are starting a CF blog about our lives with Cystic Fibrosis and how we became very close friends! :) We will be posting new posts every chance we get so keep checking in! Lauren writes in yellow and Alexandria writes in green/blue. Thank you! <3
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Knowing other CFers

I think knowing other CFers is like a rescue to us. For many reasons. By knowing other CFers we get the chance to talk to someone who actulley knows what we're going through everyday of our lives. They actulley understand. Also when we're talking about stuff like PFT's and all that, they know what it means. We don't have to go off explaining what PFT's mean, why we do them, or what the numbers mean. Like we would with alot of non CFers. It's almost like a council to us. When I talk to other people with CF, like Lauren, I feel alot better about myself. I don't really know why, but I honestly do. It helps me realize that there's other people out there like me who do this stuff everyday just to stay healthy. Also, talking to older CF patients has a way of helping me. It helps me because I know that someday I can grow up to be that old.

I look up to alot of CF patients. I have a very close friend who has CF, he was on the transplant list for about 5 1/2 years. Throughtout those 5 1/2 years he was getting sicker, but even though he was getting sicker he still kept going. He left his house almost everyday, (actulley I would of been surprised if he ever stayed home) and he still had a positive attitude about EVERYTHING. He never gave up, even on his toughest days. He kept doing all his treatments, and taking all of his pills. Everytime I talk to him I feel like a more postive person. He has showed me to never give up, and keep going no matter how hard you want to stop.

So for all of you CFers out there...
keep a positive attitude, talk to other CF patients, and never give up!


  1. keep up the good work guys...i just recently started bloggin to

  2. Great Post! I think having other CFers to talk to is a huge support system! When I was younger and in the hospital as a pediatric patient, we were allowed to hang out with the other CF patients in the hospital. And a few of us became friends outside of the hospital and had slumber parties, eating out for lunch, and much more!.

    The hospital was like a 2nd home...and it was fun. We hung out in each other's rooms, stayed up late watching TV, water balloon fights on the parking deck, and SO much more! I don't know what I would have done without all of them! And most of us have grown up and become good friends. And with me being transplanted, I've been able to be more of a support for them and help others go through this journey!!

    So yes...never give up and try as much as possible to stay in touch with other CF patients...even if it is via the internet!

  3. Hey Alexandrea,
    It is me Kandice... I'm super glad that you started this. This is super cool :D It is very true to... I hope that I get to talk to you more often like we used to. How is school so far? Well this is awesome make sure you let me know when you post something new. Also if you want some insight like well you know what I mean just let me know! P.S. Love the quotes :D Super cool mind if I use some?